In a small Arizona town, a man counts his blessings: a loving wife, two teenage daughters, and a job that allows him to work at home. Then “The Store” announces plans to open a local outlet, which will surely finish off the small downtown shops. His concerns grow when “The Store’s” builders ignore all the town’s zoning laws during its construction. Then dead animals are found on “The Store’s” grounds. Inside, customers are hounded by obnoxious sales people, and strange products appear on the shelves. Before long the town’s remaining small shop owners disappear, and “The Store” spreads its influence to the city council and the police force, taking over the town! It’s up to one man to confront “The Store’s” mysterious owner and to save his community, his family, and his life!


Here we have a book about a big store (The Store) coming to a small town.

Boring, right?

Not really!

This was my very first time reading Little, and it definitely won’t be my last.

Was it a fantastic read? Nope.

Most of the time, all I need is a story that will keep me entertained.

I was looking for a fun ride, and The Store delivered.